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Blue Hawaiian Cocktail Sucker


Candyprints Cocktail suckers are delicious and exqusitely crafted candy lollipops in the shape of a penis shaft and balls. These tasty treats make great party favors at bachelorette parties, pride festivals, gender reveal parties and circumcisions. Each cocktail sucker proudly packs 32 grams of sweetness and "comes" in seven yummy flavors. • Satisfy your oral fixation today with Candyprints Cocktail...

Let's Fuck - Chocolate Heart Box


Red foiled wrapped heart shaped solid milk chocolates. 6 pieces of choclate in each box

Love Lickers Massage Oil - Virgin Strawberry - 1.76 Fl. Oz.


Recognized as the warming oil of choice in bedrooms everywhere! Love Lickers edible warming oils - for when you're feeling frisky. 50 mL.

Bj Blast 3 Pack


Fizzing popping oral candy.

Lovers Candy G-String


Candy G-String for Lovers! Heart shape design and tasty treat. One Size Fits All

Chocolate Play Pens - 2 Pack


Write your most intimate Secret Desires on your favorite place on your partners body and let the fun begin. Write it on .. Lick it off. Takes intimate playtime to a whole new level. Two delicious flavors dark and milk chocolate.

All Day Pecker Sucker 60 Pieces Display


Have fun wrapping your lips around these pecker suckers. These suckers would be great at bachelorette parties or just for shock value.

Whip Cream Chargers - 24 Count


Disposable nitrous oxide whip cream chargers, non-refillable. Chargers are specially made for making whip cream in cream whippers, use only in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Box contains 24 chargers with 8 grams pure N2O. Box measures 5.7" x 2.2" x 2.7"

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