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Dance Poles


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Power Pole


The ultimate exercise & dance pole. Easy to assemble and completely portable. Fully adjustable from 7'4" (2.2m) to 9'2" (2.7m). Rubber non-slip pads for maximum stability and protection of floor and ceiling. For use on hardwood floor or carpet. Made of heavy duty durable steel. Installation instructions also included. Prop only. Do not put weight on pole. Box Dimensions: 9.1"...

Mighty Grip Special Formula


*****ADVANCED*****HEAT ACTIVATED WAX POWDER***** Long lasting, time released, thermoplastic formula. Much like its older brother, Mighty Grip Original Formula, the New ADVANCED Special Formula Grip “Black Label" guarantees to give you instant tack results that you are familiar with. The thermoplastic powder is designed to tackle cold weather and difficult situations. The Grip that wont Slip! 1/4 ounce of powder....

Professional Dance Pole


Create your own private dance stage with this sturdy Dance Pole. Putting it up is as easy as 1-2-3, allowing you to save your energy for the exotic show in the comfort of your own home! You're the sexy dancer and your house is the stage. Flip, dance, twirl or give one-on-one private striptease sessions for you and your lover...